Yucaipa Zombie House preparing for Halloween scares again this year – San Bernardino Sun

Leah and Larry Regan go BIG when it comes to Halloween.

For 15 years, since moving to Yucaipa, the couple have been decorating their home. The spooky Halloween-themed display is so dynamic and attention grabbing, it’s since become known as the “Yucaipa Zombie House.”

Larry always has been a huge fan of Halloween and zombies, Leah Regan said, and he’s been working up decorations for years.

He started with decorations, she said, “then he started building his own zombies.” The pair scoured thrift stores to clothe the homemade zombies.

To expand on the theme, they later found cheap mannequins, Leah Regan said, and they have also frequented Spirit Halloween stores and Home Depot looking for just the right additions to their annual eclectic setup.

Each year, the site draws people from all over Southern California, to walk through the front yard and feel the chills down their spines.

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