Woman dies after her car is struck in Fontana by vehicle which was fleeing hit-and-run incident | News

A woman died after her car was struck in Fontana by a vehicle which had been fleeing from a hit-and-run incident in Rialto on Aug. 21, according to the Fontana Police Department.

The collision in eastern Fontana occurred at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Foothill Boulevard at about 2:47 p.m., said Public Information Officer Jason Delair.

Officers responded to the crash and saw two significantly damaged vehicles, a Mercedes SUV and a Honda sedan.

The woman who was driving the Honda was pronounced deceased at the scene. No additional information about her was immediately released.

Police later found out that the Mercedes was fleeing the hit-and-run in Rialto before running the red light while heading west on Foothill and colliding with the Honda that was going south on Maple, Delair said.

The driver of the Mercedes was arrested.

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