Winners of November election at Fontana City Hall are sworn in during Dec. 13 ceremony | News

The winners of the November election at Fontana City Hall, all of whom were incumbents, were officially sworn in during a ceremony on Dec. 13.

Acquanetta Warren, beginning her fourth four-year term as mayor, was sworn in by Jesse Armendarez, who was elected to represent the local area as the San Bernardino County supervisor for the 2nd District.

Also taking the oath of office were City Councilmembers John Roberts and Phillip Cothran, City Clerk Germaine Key, and City Treasurer Janet Koehler-Brooks.

In her remarks during the ceremony at the Steelworkers’ Auditorium in the Lewis Library and Technology Center, Warren introduced her new phrase for Fontana: “We can.”

She emphasized that the city will be able to fix the problems that it faces in the upcoming years.

“We can fix homelessness in this city, and we will,” she said. “We can add more police officers to make sure we continue to be safe. And we can continue to help our students in this city.”

She said that parent engagement will be the key to keeping children on the right path.

“A city thrives when everyone receives what they need to be successful, and right now our kids need us badly,” she said.

Warren said that one of the biggest dangers facing both young and older people is the spread of the deadly drug fentanyl.

“It is real, it is serious, and it needs to stop,” she said, adding that a local teenager perished because of fentanyl earlier this year.

Warren highlighted the accomplishments of the candidates who triumphed in the election, all of whom she endorsed and supported:

• Roberts, who was first elected in 1992 and is now celebrating his 30th year on the City Council;

• Cothran, who was reelected to a second term;

• Key, who is the first African-American to be elected as city clerk in Fontana’s history (she was appointed to the position back in March);

• Koehler-Brooks, who has been the treasurer since 2003.

Warren also praised Armendarez, a Fontana native who previously served on the City Council.

“I think it’s no secret how proud and honored this town is for us to have another supervisor that comes from our hood,” Warren said.

Josie Gonzales and Janice Rutherford were former Fontana City Council officials who went on to serve as supervisors. Armendarez will be taking the place of Rutherford later this month.

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