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Let’s test your San Bernardino County economic memory!

Who doesn’t need a refresher course on the ups and downs of the local housing market — and the key drivers behind those swings?

The online tool in the box below lets you guess what happened in San Bernardino County after 2004 with Inland Empire unemployment, countywide median sales prices purchase activity — plus the national 30-year mortgage. Following that peak of housing’s upswing creating the last real estate bubble, the market suffered through a crash, then enjoyed a long rebound, before a pandemic produced some surprising economic outcomes.

How to test your knowledge?

1. Use the tool’s pencil to draw your best estimation of the trends.

2. Hit “Submit Guess” after each entry.

3. When you’ve completed the four lines, you’ll get scored on your guesses vs. what really happened!

You can also take the quiz at bit.ly/sbbubblequizzz

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