Warehouse to replace grove in ‘Donut Hole’ near Redlands – San Bernardino Sun

As Redlands considers a moratorium on warehouse development in its boundaries, another such project has been approved for a former orange grove on the city’s doorstep.

On Thursday, March 31, the San Bernardino County planning and airport commissions jointly OK’d a permit and environmental documents for a 462,000-square-foot facility east of Alabama Street in the unincorporated “Donut Hole” area surrounded by, but not a part of, Redlands.


A month and a half ago, the Redlands Planning Commission recommended the City Council place a moratorium on new applications for warehouses in the city to give staff time to prepare a report on the effects of current and already approved warehouses on traffic, air quality and more. The rule has not yet come before the council.

An April 2021 study found the city at that time was home to 56 warehouses over 100,000 square feet.

At Thursday’s county meeting, Aron Liang, a senior planner for the county, said the developer would pay transportation impact fees.

According to a written report, $91,805 would be for the project’s fair share for improvements at the Alabama Street/San Bernardino Avenue intersection, and for 210 Freeway ramps at San Bernardino Avenue.

Also in the project’s budget is a $337,287 Regional Transportation Fee based on building type and square footage and aimed to mitigate impacts.Planning Commissioner Kareem Gongora asked if the county coordinated with Redlands regarding traffic impacts of projects.

“Sometimes they’re not too happy with our land use decisions because they have to pay some of the upkeep,” he said.

Liang said the projects are vetted through the county traffic division first, and based on that study the county would determine what intersections would be affected. He said the county in general works with the affected city on what the fair share should be.

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