Upland home shares spooktacular decorations with community – San Bernardino Sun

When Norma Cortez and her daughter moved to Upland in 2012, on their first Halloween they noticed a lack of trick-or-treaters making their way up to the house.

To solve this conundrum, they started a yearly tradition of decorating their yard for the beloved spooky holiday with 99-cent Store foam headstones. Over the years, it’s evolved into a beloved family tradition that ropes in family and friends.

“We started off with a little side yard with stuff from the 99-cent Store and then the next year is when it got bigger,” Cortez said, “we started boarding up the windows and stuff like that.”

According to Cortez, as the decorations grew to include a homemade wrought iron fence and columns to frame the doorway, foot traffic around their home in October followed suit.

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