Unpermitted San Bernardino dorm still open, despite court deadline – San Bernardino Sun

The shuttered American Sports University dormitory in downtown San Bernardino remains open despite a court order requiring the property owner and landlord to transition all those living there out of the building by Monday, Oct. 24.

City officials have not announced a hard date for if or when they will take action to secure the Fourth Street dorm, spokesperson Jeff Kraus wrote in an email.

“We are hoping that folks continue to find or accept alternative housing options and that most are out in the coming days,” Kraus added.

Violating the court order could result in fines and additional consequences for the Irwindale-based Fox Property Holdings, which owns the property. Representatives of Fox Property Holdings could not be reached.

In the weeks since tenants learned the two-story dormitory was not permitted for housing and would be shut down, dozens have accepted services and are being relocated, Kraus wrote last week.

The owner has not assisted in that process despite being mandated to by the court, he added.

At one point last week, 32 units still were occupied with 42 residents, according to Kraus. City officials believe the building has as many as 150 units, and there were up to 250 people living there.

Outreach workers who set up outside the building every day have reported seeing several new tenants recently, Kraus said.

“It is believed,” he added, “that the property owner/manager is still taking money from new tenants in violation of the court order.”

Housing assistance service providers will remain on site while the dormitory remains open.

“Our main priority remains the well being of the tenants,” Kraus wrote, “and to give them every opportunity to relocate on their own, or with assistance being offered.”

The temporary restraining order against the owner and landlord obtained by the city earlier this month and set to expire Friday, Oct. 28, was pushed back to March 2, Kraus said.

Requirements or deadlines set by the court against the owner have not changed.

“Additional residents continue to accept assistance,” Kraus wrote, while “some continue to find housing elsewhere or with friends of family and have moved out on their own.”

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