Universal Studios Hollywood drops mask requirements, Six Flags Magic Mountain keeps them – San Bernardino Sun

If you were already hopelessly confused by Los Angeles County’s mask policy, things just got as clear as mud at L.A.’s two biggest theme parks as Universal Studios Hollywood and Six Flags Magic Mountain took opposite approaches to their ever-changing face covering policies.

Universal Studios Hollywood no longer requires fully vaccinated visitors to wear masks indoors as of Friday, Feb. 25. Unvaccinated Universal visitors are required to wear masks indoors unless they are eating or drinking.

Six Flags Magic Mountain still requires all visitors regardless of vaccination status to wear masks indoors. No date has been set for when the Valencia amusement park plans to change its mask policy.

Los Angeles County health officials dropped an indoor mask mandate on Friday, but kept in place a requirement that businesses check for proof of vaccination status.

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Universal and Magic Mountain dropped outdoor mask requirements in mid-February when L.A. County health officials ended the mandate for “mega events.”

Both theme parks still require proof of vaccination — but even that policy is different at each park. Universal continues to check vaccination status daily while Magic Mountain only does so on select “mandate days” when attendance exceeds 10,000 visitors.

Adding further to the confusion: Magic Mountain hasn’t designated any “mandate days” for the rest of February or all of March. But that’s as of right now and subject to change.

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The best advice: Check the Universal and Magic Mountain websites before heading to the parks to see what mask and vaccination requirements are in place.

Dropping the indoor mask requirement will have a bigger impact at Universal than Magic Mountain. The movie theme park has a lot more indoor attractions than the coaster capital — which has the Justice League dark ride and a few indoor ride queues.

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