Spider-Man and Wolverine impersonators spotted atop L.A. building

Two people dressed as Spider-Man and Wolverine stood on a ledge near the top floor of a building in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday evening and unfurled a giant banner, apparently in an attempt to get the attention of Marvel Studios, according to news reports.

The incident took place at what appears to be the Continental Building in the 400 block of South Spring Street, helicopter footage from KTLA-TV Channel 5 shows. Sky cameras captured the two superhero impersonators on the exterior ledge near the building’s top floor.

They walked around on the ledge and unfurled a three-story-high banner that read, “Marvel, call me,” along with a phone number, the footage showed.

Officer David Marroquin of the Los Angeles Police Department said Friday that officials were not aware of the incident, but that the stunt could potentially violate municipal codes or constitute trespassing or “danger to self,” depending on the circumstances.

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