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Phil Yeh will be one of the participating artists at the San Bernardino Arts Fest Saturday, March 19, showcasing his newest book, “Places.”

The book features 126 watercolors of places Yeh has been during his 37-year world tour, according to a news release.

One of the images in the book is “San Bernardino,” depicting the mural that Yeh has been working on since 2012, on the museum at the site of the original McDonald’s on 14th and E streets in San Bernardino.

The mural on the south side of the building features San Bernardino people including Chester Carlson, the man who invented the Xerox copy method; Garner Holt, who created a company that has contributed to Disney, Universal Studios and more; and Dorothy Inghram, San Bernardino County’s first Black teacher..

Yeh will also have limited edition giclee prints of his watercolors and several other books for sale, including his wordless graphic novel “Fontana News Roomflower.” Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine.

“Fontana News Roomflower” takes readers on an imaginative journey to a variety of places and in the end it is revealed that these adventures are part of the collective imaginations of children around the world, according to the news release.

The San Bernardino Arts Fest will be held 10 a.m.-4 p.m. around Court Street Square, 349 N. E St.

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