Same Same But Different fans party in the rain at the Lake Perris festival – San Bernardino Sun

While most of the week was spent struggling through a massive heatwave with flex alerts and temperatures that exceeded 100 degrees, the Same Same But Different Festival’s official opening day started with cooler temperatures.

The multi-day fest, which takes place on the shores of Moreno Beach in Lake Perris, experienced strong winds, gray skies and off and on rain on Friday, but that didn’t keep attendees from coming out in festival-style swimwear and jumping into the lake. People also wore raincoats over their festival outfits and used their floaties as covers while moving from stage to stage. Others huddled under some of the tents set up for the festival and a few others sought shelter on the covered benches and tables.

The lineup over on the But Circus stage was delayed due to the weather and didn’t begin until 4 p.m. rather than the scheduled 11 a.m. time slots. Still, those ready to dance got their chance to show the weather who was boss with acts over on the Coconut Club stage, where artist Justin Jay had fans along the shoreline jumping up and down.

Once the But Circus stage got rolling, Helena Holleran got people moving and fans danced to the melodies of Moon Panda. The circus-themed stage lived up to its name with a makeshift 50 cent kissing booth and loop fixtures that offered festival goers a chance to climb them.

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The Groove Grove had its own mini show happening with some impromptu music under a disco ball and low lighting. The space had a built in piano, guitar, bass and a set of homemade drums, which consisted of a bucket and barrel.

A group of men jammed out to some of the tunes they knew such as the Beatles’ “Elanor Rigby,” Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” and Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You,” which had bystanders clapping and humming along. They had a lot of chemistry and performed well together, so well that another group of people confused them for festival performers and asked bystanders who they were on the lineup.

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