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Here are the restaurants and other food facilities that San Bernardino County health inspectors temporarily shut down because of imminent health hazards between June 3 and 9, 2022. If no reopening date is mentioned, the agency had not listed that facility as reopened as of this publication.

National Buffet, 16920 Slover Ave., Fontana

  • Closed: June 8
  • Grade: Not graded (most recent was 80/B on Feb. 3)
  • Reason: Cockroach infestation. An inspector visited in response to a complaint that someone saw bugs in the mussels. The inspector saw several live and dead cockroaches on the kitchen floor and near a storage area, and saw a roach flying in the dining area. The inspector also noted “excessive food debris and grease build-up on the floors” and saw buckets of sauce and a container of rice being stored directly on the floor.

Food and beverage area of Dollar General, 32510 Highway 18, Lucerne Valley

  • Closed: June 8
  • Grade: 95/A
  • Reason: No running water. The inspector visited in response to two complaints that there was no water, including in the restrooms, and that store staff didn’t seem concerned. The manager told the inspector that the water had been out since June 2 when a water tank was damaged after hours and that an attempt to fix it had been unsuccessful. The inspector noted that port-a-potties with handwashing stations had been set up out back.

The Galley, 12218 Apple Valley Road Suite 105, Apple Valley

  • Closed: June 7
  • Grade: 90/A
  • Reason: No hot water. An inspector visited in response to a complaint that two people got sick after eating meals including fish. The manager said the water heater had been having issues for two days and the igniter was scheduled to be replaced the next day. Among other violations, some raw fish was not cold enough and the inspector said to reduce the temperature of that refrigerator.
  • Reopened: June 8 after the water heater was repaired

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, 16155 Sierra Lakes Parkway Suite 110, Fontana

  • Closed: June 6
  • Grade: 90/A
  • Reason: Overflowing wastewater. None of the floor sinks were properly draining, and the inspector said the person in charge tried to avoid turning on the water so the drains wouldn’t overflow. The restaurant was briefly closed while a plumber was called. There was one other critical violation, for a fly by the sandwich prep station contaminating a pepper shaker and mustard jar. The inspector also followed up on a complaint from a few days earlier that someone had seen cockroaches. During an initial visit June 3, an inspector saw three dead roaches on the floor, but this time there was no evidence of roaches.
  • Reopened: Later that day, before the inspection ended

Non-closure inspections of note

Here are selected inspections at facilities that weren’t closed but had other significant issues.

Mariscos Las Brisas Restaurant, at 2951 S. Vineyard Ave. in Ontario, was inspected June 8 and received a grade of 81/B with one critical violation. Multiple containers of food were at unsafe temperatures in three refrigerator units, one of which was a merchandise fridge meant only for prepackaged and bottled items. Among the 11 other violations, cooked soup and corn had been left at room temperature to cool down, two sinks didn’t have hot enough water and several areas needed cleaning. This was the restaurant’s third consecutive B or C grade, and fifth since 2019.

Fresh Boba Tea, at 32801 Yucaipa Blvd. Suite B in Yucaipa, was inspected June 7 and received a grade of 80/B with one critical violation. There was no sanitizer on site, but the restaurant avoided closure when the person in charge was able to get some from the facility next door. Among the 11 other violations, there was a dead cockroach under a storage rack, and the soap and paper towel dispensers in the employee restroom were empty.

Chiki Chiki Wings & Sports, at 16312 Arrow Blvd. Suites C-E in Fontana, was inspected June 3 and received a grade of 70/C with three critical violations. Four large containers of cooked chicken wings had been left at room temperature for two hours. An employee didn’t wash hands. And there was a hair in the ice machine. Among the 12 other violations, there was no soap in the men’s, women’s or employee restrooms; there was brown slime in the ice machine (not contaminating ice); the cooks said bowls used to toss wings with sauce are washed only twice a day; cooking equipment and floors needed cleaning; there were holes in the wall and ceiling; and 12 employees didn’t have the required food handler cards.

Super Taco, at 10410 Ramona Ave. Suite C in Montclair, was inspected June 3 and received a grade of 84/B with nine violations, one of which was critical: Numerous items were at unsafe temperatures in a refrigerator that wasn’t keeping cold. More than 25 pounds of food had to be discarded.

Golden 5 Pizza & Wings, at 208 E. Base Line in Rialto, was inspected June 2 and received a grade of 76/C with two critical violations. Wings and toppings were at unsafe temperature in a prep cooler that wasn’t keeping cold (about 16 pounds of food had to be discarded) and eight raw pizzas had been assembled and left out at room temperature. Also, an employee didn’t wash hands. Among the 11 other violations, there were several dead cockroaches on the storage room floor, the janitorial sink was slow-draining, assembled salads were being kept in a merchandise fridge not meant for such items and food was being stored in non-food-grade plastic bags.

Royal Siam Cuisine, at 61599 Twentynine Palms Highway in Joshua Tree, was inspected June 2 in response to a foodborne illness complaint. It received a grade of 84/B with two critical violations. Raw chicken, raw beef and eggs in a refrigerator weren’t cold enough. Also, a large pot of red curry cooked the night before and put in another fridge hadn’t yet cooled down to a safe temperature. Among the eight other violations, there was an unapproved storage area outside that contained a freezer and canned/dry food — including a package of rice being stored directly on the ground.

Updates from past weeks

Yogurtland, at 4235 N. University Parkway Suite 103 in San Bernardino, which was closed June 1 because of a sewage backup, was permitted to reopen June 2 after the backup was cleared and the facility was cleaned.

About this list

This list is published online on Fridays. Any updates as restaurants are reopened will be included in next week’s list.

All food facilities in the county are routinely inspected to ensure they meet health codes. A facility loses four points for each critical violation and one to three points for minor violations. An A grade (90 to 100 points) is considered “generally superior,” a B grade (80 to 89) is “generally acceptable” and a C grade (70 to 79) is “generally unacceptable” and requires a follow-up inspection. A facility will be temporarily closed if it scores below 70 or has a critical violation that can’t be corrected immediately.

For more information on inspections of these or any restaurants in San Bernardino County, visit To file a health complaint, go to or call 800-442-2283.

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