Ramadan, Islam’s Holy Month Of Fasting, Is Now Celebrated All Over The World

It is now the middle of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim year, and is designated as the holy month of fasting.

This phenomenon is considered to be one of the duties of the followers of Islam and is listed as the third Pillar of Faith in the religion of Islam.

During the month of Ramadan, from dawn until sunset, Muslims may not eat or drink or become over-friendly with members of the opposite sex. During this fasting period, observers should devote time to prayer, consider giving alms to unfortunates, and strengthen their devotion and beliefs to Allah and Mohammed.

The fasting includes abstinence from food, smoking, or drinking. Purity of thoughts and actions to help cleanse the inner soul are included in the fasting regimen. Self discipline, empathy for the less fortunate, the reading of the Koran, the Muslim Holy Book, are some of the desirable activities during Ramadan. Patience, humility, spirituality, and service to their God become desirable developments during the fasting period.

When the sun goes down, desirable food and drinks are served to the hungry observers of the daily fast.

Some observers of the fast, it has been reported, find it uncomfortable, and prefer to sleep as much as possible during the fasting period.

Exceptions to the observance ritual include sick persons, travelers, nursing mothers, and soldiers on the march. Any Muslim thus excused must make it up when convenient.

Dutiful observers wait patiently for the moment of sunset, for then, they may enjoy food, drink, and sociability for they have done their daily duty. It is a daily celebration, some say.

This procedure is repeated every day during the month of Ramadan. When it ends, a three-day festival known as the Breaking of the Fast is celebrated joyfully for all those who fasted dutifully.

When Ramadan is concluded, the typical activities and duties required of Islam followers are resumed, and the just completed Ramadan becomes a satisfying memory of a duty which was properly observed.

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