Quiet zones approved for Metrolink Arrow route in Redlands – San Bernardino Sun

Federal rail officials have approved an application for quiet zones along the 9-mile Metrolink Arrow route between San Bernardino and Redlands, the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority announced Friday, Nov. 4.

In an email, SBCTA spokesperson Marisa Greenway said the agency and city of Redlands received notification Friday of the highly anticipated action by the Federal Railroad Administration.

The decision brings an end — kind of — to the soundtrack of rail’s return to Redlands.

Since mid-September, when Metrolink began simulated Arrow service, residents along the corridor have complained about the frequency of horn blasts that begin before sunrise most days. Passenger service began Oct. 24, but engineers have been required to continue sounding the horns at each of the two dozen crossings pending approval of the quiet zones.

By Thanksgiving weekend, the routine sounding of horns could be finished, Greenway said.

“While we appreciate that still means three weeks of warning horns at crossings,” she said, “we are encouraged that we can see the end of that operation is in sight.”

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