Police probe string of burglaries in upscale neighborhoods in Redlands – San Bernardino Sun

Police are investigating a string of more than a dozen burglaries this month in affluent Redlands neighborhoods that they say appear likely to have been committed by those responsible for break-ins in other Inland cities.

The burglars generally enter through a rear sliding-glass door and take safes, cash, expensive purses, jewelry and other items, police said in a news release. In all but one instance, city spokesman Carl Baker said, no one was home at the time. No description of the burglars was available, Baker said.

“It’s concerning,” said Tony Jones, who along with his wife, Arleen Jones, were walking their golden retrievers Tuesday, Sept. 20, on one of the streets that was hit, Campbell Avenue.

Tony Jones said the neighbor who was burglarized told him that police said a group of burglars is targeting master bedrooms and is hunting for cash, jewelry and guns.

Police said the burglaries took place in the 1500 block of Ridge Street, the 1400 block of Edgehill Lane, the 100 block of Campbell Avenue, the 1500 block of Crestview Road, the 1600 block of Camelot Drive, the 30400 block of Live Oak Canyon Road, the 1900 block of Mesa View Lane, the 1300 block of Drake Ridge Crest, the 1300 block of Knoll Road, the 1300 block of Elizabeth Street and the 200 block of Orchid Court, the 300 block of East Sunset Drive North and the 12600 block of Valley View Lane.

Most of the houses on these streets sit on large lots on hillsides above the 10 Freeway and typically have three-car garages. Some have RVs or boats parked in wide driveways. There’s little traffic.

“It’s pretty deserted up here, so I can see how things can go unnoticed,” said Kelly Moore, who has lived on East Sunset Drive North.

Baker declined to identify the cities experiencing similar burglaries. He did say that the crimes in Redlands don’t fit the pattern of Riverside’s home-invasion robberies that took place while the residents were home.

Redlands police say residents can decrease the likelihood of being burglarized by installing an alarm, surveillance cameras and outdoor lighting. They can protect their neighbors by reporting suspicious activity.

Redlands residents going on vacation can borrow from police a tracking device that can be hidden on commonly stolen items. Any movement will result in the delivery of a text message to the resident and police, and officers can use software to locate the property.

“We’ve had lots of success with it,” Baker said.

Moore and the Joneses, besides cameras and alarms, have an additional security measure recommended by the police.

“I have a large dog,” Moore said. “If someone came into the backyard, he would not be very happy.”

The Joneses’ retrievers bark when the doorbell rings.

“I suspect we are at the bottom of the list of targets,” Tony Jones said.

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