Ontario man faces 11 years for BB gun attacks on Pasadena Planned Parenthood – San Bernardino Sun

An Ontario man and felon who used a BB gun to shoot at a Planned Parenthood in Pasadena on 11 occasions pleaded guilty Monday, Dec. 19, to interfering with women seeking abortions and being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, authorities said.

The gun-related charge is a felony while forcible interference with the obtaining and provision of reproductive health services is a misdemeanor.

Richard Royden Chamberlin, 53, faces a possible maximum sentence of 11 years at his March 20 sentencing in federal court in Los Angeles, according to Ciaran McEvoy, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Chamberlin took a deal last month. Under the plea agreement, he can’t contact, visit, or come within 100 yards of any Planned Parenthood property or staff without written approval from the United States Probation Office and advanced notice to Planned Parenthood.

The shootings happened at least 11 times between June 2020 and May 2021, authorities said.

“In his plea agreement, Chamberlin admitted that he intentionally conducted the attacks to intimidate and interfere with the clinic, its doctors, staff and patients specifically because the clinic was providing reproductive health services, including services related to the termination of pregnancies,” according to a U.S. Attorney’s Office statement.

Starting in June 2020, Chamberlin drove his Chevrolet Malibu down Lake Avenue past the Planned Parenthood and fired at the clinic’s front door using a BB gun, according to court documents. Chamberlin lived in Altadena then.

On March 29, 2021, Chamberlin drove by the clinic and shot at the entrance. An employee of the clinic heard an object hit her office window. He returned the next day and nearly hit a patient’s friend who was sitting on a bench in the clinic’s front porch.

He shot at the clinic again on May 7, 2021. Pasadena police stopped Chamberlin as he was driving away.

Police found in his car eight BB guns including BB guns designed to look like assault rifles. They also discovered gas canisters of carbon dioxide, BB pellets,  a pistol-style BB gun loaded with metal pellets, packages of illegal fireworks and a gray backpack containing a loaded .22 caliber pistol.

Chamberlin can’t have a gun or ammunition. He was convicted in Arizona in 2012 of felony attempted transportation of a drug for sale.

After his arrest, authorities said Chamberlin went to a storage unit where he removed several firearms. He sold four at a local consignment store and transferred ownership of eight other firearms to a neighbor, according to court documents.

Chamberlin also used to live in Chino. Authorities searched his Chino home and found thousands of rounds of ammunition, boxes of fireworks, canisters of gunpowder, a dozen additional BB guns, multiple magazines, a cylinder resembling a suppressor, a Polymer80 gun-making kit, multiple gun parts and documents identifying and referring to Planned Parenthood.

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