Ontario lawmaker believed it was time for a change to daylight saving – San Bernardino Sun

Enjoy Denver, Colorado?

A proposal more than a century ago by a local lawmaker would have permanently changed California clocks to the same time as Denver – Mountain Standard Time – so we could make better use of our sunlight every day.

A bill introduced in January 1917 by Ontario Assemblyman Crombie Allen would have set clocks in California to the same time as the 105th meridian of longitude, which passes through Denver. Allen wanted us to begin work, school and household tasks earlier by taking advantage of the early morning sunshine. In theory it would also get workers home earlier to enjoy more evening entertainment and relaxation.

In many ways, his plan was not much different than the current daylight saving time, which begins Sunday morning, except to make it permanent.

“California is known the world over as the ‘Land of Sunshine,’ yet the people of California are losing three million hours of sunshine every day,” Allen said. “It will lengthen life, make for better health and increase the efficiency of every person.”

Not everyone was in favor of Allen’s bill to change Californians’ lifestyles.

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