New horror convention CreepIE comes to Ontario this weekend – San Bernardino Sun

From killer clowns to just plain killers and monsters, some of the big screen’s creepiest characters will mingle with horror fans in the Inland Empire this weekend at the inaugural CreepIE Con horror convention.

“It’s a pop culture event with a horror twist. This is for anybody that loves scary movies old and new,” said Brian Boget, co-producer of the all-ages event set for the Ontario Convention Center Feb. 5-6.

Set up like a comic con, CreepIE will include hundreds of horror-themed vendors selling things like costumes, props, comics, artwork and toys as well as cosplayers and special effects demonstrations.

And some killers, or at least those who played them in the movies, will be on hand to meet fans. Among the guests are actors such as Nick Castle who first portrayed Michael Myers in the original 1978 “Halloween,” and step aside Annabelle because the original bad boy of haunted dolls, Ed Gale, who portrayed Chucky in 1988’s “Child’s Play,” and 1990s “Child Play 2,” is set to be there as well.

And while movie killers usually slow-walk chase their victims in films, at CreepIE they will be standing perfectly still and ready to mingle because some actors who played iconic psychos in classic films will be there in full costume to take pictures with fans.

Dressed up and ready to take a few snapshots rather than snap some necks will be actors such as Andrew Bryniarski, who played Leatherface in the 2003 remake of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and Bob Elmore, who put on the skin mask as Leatherface in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2.” C.J. Graham, who slipped on the famous hockey mask as Jason Voorhees in “Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives,” will also appear.

“You can even do combo photo ops with several actors,” Boget said.

The new convention follows in the footsteps of the Midsummer Scream Halloween and Horror Convention, which in the past has attracted more than 30,000 people to the Long Beach Convention Center and is set to return in July.

Boget said that they don’t have attendance projections for CreepIE but it will be smaller since they have the capacity to accommodate up to 10,000 people.  And unlike Midsummer Scream, CreepIE will not include walk-through haunts.

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