Monkeypox cases remain low in San Bernardino County; case numbers are now online | News

Riverside County, the State of California and the federal government have declared states of emergency due to monkeypox outbreaks, but cases remain low in San Bernardino County.

As of Aug. 11, a total of 13 people in San Bernardino County had contracted the monkeypox virus, compared with 70 in Riverside County, 616 in Los Angeles County and 1,733 statewide.

The Department of Public Health added a new case counter to the county’s monkeypox website so concerned residents can track the spread of the virus locally.

“San Bernardino County is aware of neighboring declarations due to climbing case counts. However, we are vigilant and actively planning to contain the outbreak through strategies that include educating the public and clinicians and conducting contact tracing to locate and vaccinate those exposed to monkeypox,” said Dr. Sharon Wang, who is leading the county’s monkeypox response.

Monkeypox spreads primarily through direct contact with infectious sores, scabs, or body fluids, especially as a result of close personal contact. Monkeypox can spread through touching materials used by an infected person, such as clothing and bedding. It can also spread through respiratory secretions during prolonged, close, face-to-face contact.

The county has created a dedicated monkeypox email address,, for residents and providers to reach out if they have additional questions.

To learn more about monkeypox, visit or call the Communicable Disease Section at 1 (800) 722-4794.

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