Memorial which honors victims of Dec. 2, 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino is now open | News

The Curtain of Courage Memorial honoring the victims, survivors and first responders of the Dec. 2, 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino has now opened to the public outside the County Government Center at 385 N. Arrowhead Avenue in San Bernardino.

The public opening follows a private viewing and unveiling ceremony held June 17 for the families of the 14 people (including two Fontana residents) who died in the attack, along with survivors, first responder agencies, and other invited guests.

The Curtain of Courage Memorial consists of 14 individual bronze-colored alcoves shaped like protective curtains along the Government Center’s east promenade. The families of the victims selected the color of glass for each alcove and personalized the phrase on each bench inside each of the alcoves.

“The Curtain of Courage Memorial and the people it represents will be a forever landmark for us to reflect and remember what happened on December 2nd 2015,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman in a news release. “We won’t ever forget the victims and the impact this had on our county. This memorial is a reminder that hate didn’t win and that our community held on to us to get us through the pain and tragedy.”

“Memorials provide us with a place to remember, reflect and honor the lives of those lost. I hope the Curtain of Courage also provides some solace to the families of those killed on Dec. 2, knowing how much their family members continue to be loved, respected and valued in the community,” said 2nd District Supervisor Janice Rutherford.

“On Dec. 2, 2015 our county and country as a whole suffered loss at the hands of those who attempted to tear us down through hatred,” said 5th District Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr. “It did not work, and it never will. This memorial is a reminder that San Bernardino’s foundation is strong enough to get through pain and tragedy such as this one. We will never forget the innocent lives that were taken this day and will always hold them dearly in our hearts. This memorial will keep their memory alive and serve as a reminder that San Bernardino is strong enough to grow and move forward after such detrimental loss. We are SB Strong and will always remain that way.”

Yvette Velasco and Isaac Amanios were the two Fontana residents who were killed during the attack at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, where employees of San Bernardino County’s Environmental Health Services division were holding a training event.  Also killed in the mass shooting were Robert Adams, Bennetta Betbadal, Harry Bowman, Sierra Clayborn, Juan Espinoza, Aurora Godoy, Shannon Johnson, Larry Daniel Kaufman, Damian Meins, Tin Nguyen, Nicholas Thalasinos, and Michael Wetzel.

Following the incident, the Board of Supervisors directed the formation of a Memorial Committee tasked with creating and building the memorial, which had a budget of $2.3 million. World-renowned landscape architect and artist Walter Hood was selected to work on the creation of the Curtain of Courage Memorial with input from the families of the 14 victims.

The quotes in the alcoves for the Fontana residents are:

• Isaac Amanios — “Trusted husband, involved father, man of his word.”

• Yvette Velasco — “… But for those who love, time is eternal.”

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