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Galileo, Nebula, Orion or Neptune?

The Rain Forest Learning Center at Cal Poly Pomona recently asked visitors to vote on the new iguana’s name.


When survey results were in and votes were tallied, the new iguana had a new name — Galileo

With 39% of the vote, Galileo was the clear winner, beating out Orion, which had 33.9%. Neptune and Nebula trailed with 15.3% and 11.9%, respectively.

“Galileo is about 1 or 2 (years-old) so we hope to have him for 12 years,” Edward Bobich, professor in Biological Science and curator of BioTrek, said Friday morning, July 29.

Galaxy, the learning center’s previous iguana lived to be 13 years old, Bobich said.

The Rain Bird BioTrek Project is an educational experience that promotes sustainability, according to the Cal Poly website. It provides interactive educational connections to the tropical rainforest, California’s indigenous plants and people, and other ancient and present-day habitats, according to the Cal Poly Pomona website.

“We are here to educate the public. It’s not just about Cal Poly Pomona, it’s for the entire community,” said Bobich.

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