Man shoots woman to death near Fontana elementary school – San Bernardino Sun

A man shot a woman to death in a domestic violence attack on the street near a Fontana school on Monday morning, Sept. 26, police said, as horrified parents and schoolchildren watched and ducked for cover.

Fontana police were looking for a man they identified as 45-year-old Anthony John Graziano and described as armed and dangerous. An image released by the Police Department showed the likeness of Frankenstein tattoed on Graziano’s neck.

Police said in a Facebook post that they believe his 15-year-old daughter was with him. Graziano was driving a white 2017 Nissan Frontier with California license plates 44305G2. The Nissan has a rack over the bed. It also has a distinct Pro-4X animal sticker on the rear quarter panel.

Anyone who sees Graziano or the Nissan is asked to call 911.

Heberto Echave, 31, pulled up to the curb down the road and across Cypress Avenue from Cypress Elementary School at about 7:30 a.m. with his 6-year-old and 3-year-old boys in his car. He usually walks his first-grader to class with the younger sibling in tow.  As soon as he told his 6-year-old to take off his seat belt, Echave said, he heard about 10 gunshots. He looked up and saw a minivan and a white truck close by. The minivan quickly crashed into the curb.

The shooter drove a short way down the street before making a U-turn and climbing out of his truck, resuming his attack on the woman, Echave said.

“And then I saw the woman run out of the car. I could see her face. I could see the fear on her face. Then I heard another round of gunfire and I saw her fall,” Echave said.

In all, he heard 15 to 20 gunshots.

The woman was struck several times, said Sgt. Christian Surgent, a department spokesman. She was taken to a hospital, where she died. Police had not announced the relationship between the shooter and the victim as of Monday afternoon.

The gunfire also hit a car that was in the area, but the occupants were not injured, Surgent said.

Nor apparently were any of the parents or children hurt, said Michael A. Garcia, a spokesman for the Fontana Unified School District.

Echave said all students usually arrive on campus by 7:45. Monday. He saw some parents and students hide behind cars as the shots were fired. Other parents, still in their cars, sped off. The gunfire lasted about 30 seconds, he estimated.

“He was so brazen. He had no regard for anybody,” Echave said. “To do that when people were dropping off their kids … “

The school was briefly locked down as a precaution, Garcia said. Once the campus was determined to be safe, the school day resumed, he said.

But not for Echave’s son. He took both boys home.

“To see this happen in public makes me worry for my kids,” he said.

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