Loma Linda debates spending $370,000 on 1874 adobe owned by developer – San Bernardino Sun

Completed in 1874, the Frink adobe is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, standing structure in what is now the city of Loma Linda, and it needs somebody’s help.

When it was built along the Mission Chanel/Zanja there were no citrus groves, and there were few other settlers in the area.

The home, which is on the California Register of Historical Places, now has plenty of neighbors, with more houses poised to be built.

The adobe sits fenced off and boarded up, its roof covered in plastic sheeting and one wall shored up with timbers.


In 2020 the city sold it and 71 acres of land to a developer with the caveat that the structure be saved.

The City Council on Tuesday, June 14, debated whether $370,000 should be used to fix up an aging structure which the city does not own. The money would also be used to buy a piece of land next to it that a nonprofit interested in managing the home says is needed to make it a viable educational destination.

A decision was pushed back to the June 28 meeting.

Mayor Phill Dupper said at the meeting he thought nonprofit Two Canyons Conservancy and developer Highpointe Communities should be negotiating with each other and leaving the city, which is not swimming in money, out of it.

“If you look at our fiduciary responsibility to the residents of this city, we’re basically asking the residents of this city to foot, regardless of how you move the money around, $370,000 so that conservancy can get the Frink adobe,” Dupper said. “That’s basically using city money to preserve the adobe.”

The property was valued at more than $15 million when it was sold to Highpointe for $1.5 million, but the developer was also required to spend $13.8 million to make “community benefitting improvements.”

The city had listed those improvements as, in order of importance, a community center for $3.95 million, a fire station for $2.98 million, a park for $6.09 million, and an oak woodland preserve for $733,000.

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