Lakewood, Long Beach Starbucks stores first in Southern California to vote to unionize – San Bernardino Sun

Two Starbucks stores, one in Lakewood and the other in Long Beach, are the first in Southern California to vote to join a union.

Employees at a Starbucks in Lakewood voted 24-1 earlier this week to join Starbucks Workers United.

Just before noon on Friday, employees at the Starbucks at the corner of Redondo Avenue and 7th Street in Long Beach voted 13-0 to unionize.

Two other stores in Santa Cruz were the first in California to vote to join SWU earlier this week.

“WORKERS JUST WON THE FIRST UNIONIZED STARBUCKS STORE IN CALIFORNIA!!!!!” screamed a tweet posted May 11 on Twitter by Starbucks Workers United.

Workers United is an affiliate of Service Employees International Union.

Employees at the Lakewood store at Candlewood Street and Lakewood voted 24 to 1 to join the union.

“Workers are waking up and saying we are the ones who make the money for the company, nobody else,” Lakewood organizer Tyler Keeling told LAist in a story posted Friday.

In late April, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia stopped by the Starbucks on 7th Street to offer some encouragement to the staff. His grande coffee frappuccino was labeled “Union Strong.”

“Really proud that our Long Beach Starbucks at Redondo and 7th is about to become the first Starbucks in Southern California with a union,” Garcia tweeted April 24. “Stopped by today to support the workers as they organize. Congrats and thank you.”

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