Kaiser High School Army JROTC earns Honor Unit with Distinction | News

The Kaiser High School Army JROTC received a major honor recently.

The JROTC was formally inspected for its Joint Program of Accreditation on April 10 by Terry L. Byrd of 8th Brigade, U.S. Army Cadet Command and noncommissioned officers from the Fontana Recruiting Battalion.

The program scored 98.55 percent on the inspected areas, earning the rating of Honor Unit with Distinction.

“The cadets worked very hard for a long time to ensure the program’s success and it all paid off with the highest possible rating,” said Major Miguel Rodriguez, the senior Army instructor at Kaiser.

Rodriguez said several cadets did an outstanding job in preparation and in the execution of the accreditation inspection, including C/LTC Jessica Velasco, C/CSM Amber Ibarra, C/CPT Joaquin Mercado, C/MAJ Marco Dominguez, C/CPT Lucy Cervantes, C/MAJ Rudy Fuentes, C/CPT Jacob Lomeli, and C/CPT Jennifer Carmona.

The inspection events included:

• An in-ranks Class A uniform and cadet knowledge check of all assigned cadets in the program.

• A color guard demonstration.

• A briefing detailing the planning and execution of the program’s annual service-learning project.

• A briefing detailing the planning and execution of the program’s annual continuous improvement project.

• An interview with 10 selected cadets across all four grade levels and an inspection of each one’s academic curriculum portfolio.

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