How comedian Tom Segura’s son inspired his new book, ‘I’d Like to Play Alone, Please’ – San Bernardino Sun

Comedian, actor and podcaster Tom Segura can now add published author to his resume as his first book, “I’d Like To Play Alone, Please,” hits stores on June 14.

Though he’s been busy in recent years, selling-out comedy shows across the country, releasing four Netflix comedy specials, hosting and producing two popular podcasts — “Your Mom’s House” with his wife, comedian Christina P., and “Two Bears, One Cave” alongside his best friend and fellow comic Bert Kreischer — the pause on touring during the pandemic gave him time to reflect on his life. So he began to write about his misadventures, thoughts on parenting, and all the celebrities he’s sat next to on airplanes.

He didn’t have to mull over the title too long, either. “I’d like to play alone, please” was the first full sentence his eldest son, Ellis, ever spoke to him. Segura recalls the moment vividly. There was little Ellis, surrounded by toys, coloring on a piece of paper with a crayon.

As Segura tried to join him, he got the brush off.

“When I was writing this book I was telling that story, it just hit me like, Yeah, this feels like a title,” Segura said during a recent phone interview from his home in Austin, Texas. He said the rejection did sting a bit at the time, but he respected his son’s space and could also relate to how he was feeling. Sometimes he needed alone time, too.

“That was a few years ago, but that’s really his personality,” he continued. “Sometimes now he gets home from school and he’ll go ‘I don’t want you to touch me or tell me that you love me right now.’ Like that’s the first thing he’ll say and I’m like, ‘All right.’ That could be the title for the next book.”

Segura’s book is a fun read. He dedicated it to his late father, Ret. Marine Corps Capt. Thomas N. Segura, who provided him with plenty of fodder for the memoir; readers may get a sense of where some of Segura’s inappropriate humor stems from. The comedian shares in the book that his Peruvian mother, Onania, always says what’s on her mind, even if the timing isn’t appropriate and admits that it may not be every parent’s dream to have their offspring air their dirty laundry for laughs in a book.

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