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All San Bernardino County government offices will be largely operating from one place within a decade, according to a new plan.

Plans for an updated County Government Center campus show a multi-story, 307,000-square-foot building replacing a mix of existing buildings, some of which are more than a half-century old.

“This is exciting,” said Fifth District Supervisor Joe Baca Jr. “I can’t wait to see it get underway.”

Plans for the county campus were presented to the Board of Supervisors at its Oct. 4 meeting.

“This is a pretty incredible project that we’ve been working on for some time,” county Chief Operating Officer Luther Snoke told the board. “We already have this downtown government hub, but this really maximizes that.”

A new three- to four-story administrative building will replace other existing offices around the city San Bernardino, including:

  • The county Civic Center buildings at 157 and 175 W. Fifth St.
  • The Department of Public Health building at 351 N. Mountain View Ave.
  • The Hall of Records at 172 W. Third St.

Some of those buildings are in “serious need of upgrading,” Snoke told the board.

Creating one main new building is cheaper than building multiple smaller office buildings, according to Snoke.

The plan is for the new building to house the Board of Supervisors and clerk of the board, along with the county administrative, finance and counsel offices and the probation, public works and human resources departments.

County officials would like at least a portion of the roof level of the new buildings to be usable, perhaps with rooftop gardens and green spaces.

The new administration building is scheduled to be completed in 2028.

The existing county government center would be remodeled and house the grand jury, public health department and San Bernardino County sheriff’s court services, among other departments.

But first, the campus is scheduled to get a new parking structure at the southeast corner of North Mountain View Avenue and West Fourth Street, which will add 812 more parking spaces to the county government campus. The new parking structure is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2025.

“There’s got to be a way to speed up that timeline,” said Fourth District Supervisor Curt Hagman, who pointed to how fast the private sector could build major projects. “Let’s figure out a way to do it.”

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