Hall, Howard, Ayala are honored as Fontana Police Department’s Employees of the Month | News

For his skill in resolving a potentially deadly situation involving a suicidal man, Officer Mike Hall was named the Fontana Police Department’s Sworn Employee of the Month for February.

On Feb. 21 at about 7:34 a.m., officers responded to a call for service at Kaiser Hospital regarding a transient who climbed five stories up scaffolding and was threatening to jump.

While officers were en route, the reporting party advised that construction workers were trying to talk the subject down, but the subject began threatening them.

Officers arrived on scene, cleared the area, and established a perimeter. Officers attempted to contact the subject, but he ignored them and climbed to the highest point on the scaffolding near the roof of the building. The subject started to take apart some of the scaffolding and was throwing large metal pipes down to the ground, endangering workers and the public.

Officers responded to the roof of the building to establish communication with the subject. Hall, who is a part of COAST (Community Outreach Assistance Support Team) and a crisis/hostage negotiator, took the lead and established a rapport with the subject.

The subject told Hall that he wanted to end his life and had nothing else to live for. During the incident, the man walked away from Hall numerous times and would climb to different levels of the scaffolding, threatening to jump. The man walked back and forth from one side of the building to the other, smoked drugs, and lit things on fire.

This behavior continued for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. During that time, Hall continued to reach out to the subject and never gave up, even though it appeared the man was not going to comply.

Hall was finally able to convince the subject to climb back onto the scaffolding near the roof where Hall was able to speak to the subject some more.

Hall then talked the subject off the scaffolding and onto the roof, where the subject was detained without further incident. The man was taken to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation.

“Officer Hall’s expertise in negotiating, along with his knowledge and experience in dealing with individuals with mental health issues, helped resolve this incident in a positive way with no injuries to the subject, officers, or the public,” said Fontana Police Chief Billy Green. “Officer Hall did an outstanding job in diffusing this situation and should be recognized for his commitment, compassion, and professionalism.”

—– ALSO, Heather Howard and Jackie Ayala were named the Non-Sworn Employees of the Month for February.

They were both praised for their hard work in implementing programs and grants that became active again because of the decline in COVID-19 cases.

They both assisted the Fontana Police Explorers with supervision, logistics, and mentorship during a competition in Arizona.

Howard was successful in applying for an ABC grant and has been involved in conducting ABC events, and she also oversees an active volunteer unit.

Ayala coordinated the P.D.’s third shopping event for underserved children, seniors, and veterans. Each of the events were successful and enjoyed by the attendees. She also organized several community events during the Christmas season.

“CPT Howard and CPT Ayala are both hard workers and are dedicated to their positions within the department and our community,” Green said.

Ayala, Howard, and Hall were all honored during a recent Fontana City Council meeting.

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