Gunfire in San Bernardino causes car to crash, leaves bullet holes in school – San Bernardino Sun

Gunfire in San Bernardino caused a car to crash into a fence at a middle school and left bullet holes in that school’s physical education building on Monday morning, May 2, authorities said.

The crime happened at about 5:45 a.m., so instruction at Arrowview Middle School was not affected, according to a letter sent to parents by Principal Berenice Rios.

Maintenance workers repaired the bullet holes on Tuesday, said Maria Garcia, a spokeswoman for the San Bernardino City Unified School District. Bullets struck a wall near a locker room, a door frame outside another locker room and a storage room, Garcia said. The fence also was repaired.

Several people reported hearing shots near the intersection of 23rd and D streets, said Sgt. Equino Thomas, a San Bernardino Police Department spokesman. Officers arrived to find a hatchback with a bullet hole in the windshield that had crashed through the chain-link fence. The driver accelerated after the car was hit and lost control, Thomas said.

A video posted on Instagram by Everything San Bernardino showed that portion of the fence destroyed and a geyser shooting up where a fire hydrant had been sheared off.

The driver and passenger were not hit by the gunfire but were in pain because of the crash, Thomas said. They said they could not provide a description of the shooter.

Also, a person in the area reported that his parked car was hit by gunfire.

No arrests have been announced.

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