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When it comes to Montclair and Claremont, the names are so similar that it can lead to confusion.

That became the case on Monday, April 18, when Greyhound, the nation’s largest inter-city bus service, proudly notified the media it had begun bus service at its new location … in Claremont.

That is incorrect.

The Dallas-based national bus lines had in fact begun operating from the Montclair TransCenter, 5060 Richton St., in Montclair. It began service at the inter-modal transit center in north Montclair on Friday, April 15, Montclair City Manager Ed Starr confirmed Monday.

In fact, Greyhound had relocated its operations after 30 years from its old bus stop at 888 Indian Hill Blvd. in Claremont, moving about 3 miles east to the Montclair location, marking the first time the bus company was operating out of Montclair’s transit hub.

When Greyhound’s communications department was asked to double check the relocation location, they sent a new press release with the correct information.

“There was a location error,” responded Crystal Booker, senior communications specialist with Greyhound Lines Inc.

Asked if this was the first time someone or a corporate entity had confused the two neighboring cities, Starr said, “no, it is not.”

But he added that Greyhound should have been aware of the difference because it was relocating its service from Claremont to Montclair and knew about the two cities and their similar-sounding names.

“You would think they would have been on top of that,” Starr said.

In fact,’s online booking page lists the location as “Claremont Montclair, CA,” indicating a city that doesn’t exist. Only when one hovers the cursor over that nomenclature does the real location appear: Montclair TransCenter, 5060 Richton St., Montclair, CA.

The booking page in big, block letters misidentifies the location in the heading as: MONTCLAIR TRANSCENTER IN CLAREMONT, CALIFORNIA.

Also, just typing “Montclair” in the destination field of the online ticket page doesn’t work. To make it work, one has to first type in Claremont. The default “from” is “Claremont (Montclair Transcenter).”

Starr said he will be notifying the company of the problem and asking for a correction.

Greyhound is offering 11 daily trips from Montclair that would take passengers to Los Angeles’ Union Station, UCLA, San Bernardino, as well as Las Vegas, Yuma, Dallas and New York. The five-year contract allows for operating hours from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and a staffed ticket counter, the city reported in December 2021.

Greyhound shares a bus bay with Omnitrans, the San Bernardino County-based regional bus agency. It pays the city of Montclair $1,800 a month in rent and will contribute $25,000 to a self-cleaning restroom at the transit center. Other transit services operating at the transportation hub include: Metrolink rail service, Riverside Transit Agency (bus) and Foothill Transit (bus). The private Flix Bus runs a service to Las Vegas from adjacent Montclair Place. FlixMobility, the parent company of FlixBus USA, acquired Greyhound on Oct. 21, 2021.

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