GRADUATION 2022: Fohi’s ASB president is excited about the future | News

Hermylie Polanco said she was very pleased to receive a good education at Fontana High School. Now her future goal is to use what she has learned in order to benefit others.

“My years at Fohi have been tremendous,” Polanco said, prior to taking part in the Steelers’ commencement ceremony for the Class of 2022 on May 26.

Polanco said she was quite involved in activities during her time at Fohi, which is the “main key” to being in high school.  She was the ASB president and also participated in the certified nursing assistant program.

“This school offers a lot for students,” she said.  “This school believes the best in us and has prepared us for a very good future.”

For Polanco, the road ahead starts with a college education at UCLA, where she will be majoring in business.  She said a solid background in business will help her when she goes on to medical school.

“My dream is to build a hospital for people who can’t go to a hospital now because they don’t have a health insurance card,” she said.  “I believe every single life has meaning.  I want people to be able to come in, worry-free, and know that their health is in good hands.”

For right now, she is pleased that the health crisis caused by the coronavirus has diminished enough so that the graduation event could be held at Toyota Arena.

“I’m very honored to get this privilege back, because I know for the last two years we were not allowed to have a ceremony like this,” she said.

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