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Several races for city and school positions in Fontana are on the ballot in the Nov. 8 election.

The most notable race is the one for mayor, in which Acquanetta Warren is seeking her fourth term and is being challenged by Jesus “Jesse” Sandoval (a member of the City Council) and Shannon O’Brien (a former member of the Fontana School Board).

Warren, who was a City Council member prior to winning the mayor’s seat for the first time in 2010, has become one of the most powerful politicians in Fontana’s history. She has faced opposition from some residents because of her support for the construction of warehouses in Fontana, but she is strongly backed by public safety unions and has a large advantage in campaign cash.

O’Brien and Sandoval have both criticized Warren because of the proliferation of warehouses as well as other issues.

—– ON THE CITY COUNCIL, two seats are being contested in this election.

• John Roberts, who has been on the council for 30 years, is aiming to be reelected to his District 4 seat (representing the southern area of Fontana). He is being challenged by Brian Kolde.

• Phillip Cothran is trying for his second four-year term as the council member who is representing District 1 (the northwestern area of the city). He is being opposed by Alfred “Al” Gonzales and Ricardo Quintana.

The terms of the other two council members, Peter Garcia and Sandoval, do not expire until 2024.

In the city clerk race, Germaine Key is the incumbent and being opposed by Alexandra C. Rivera, Elizabeth “Liz” Sena, and Alyssa Flores.

Janet Koehler-Brooks, who has been the city treasurer since 2003, is seeking another term in that position. Gabriel Sanchez is her opponent.

Roberts, Cothran, Key, and Koehler-Brooks are all endorsed by Warren.

—– THE FONTANA SCHOOL BOARD election involves three seats in the new by-trustee (rather than at-large) voting system.

• In Governing Board Area 1 (which includes the northern area of the Fontana Unified School District), incumbent Marcelino “Mars” Serna is being opposed by three challengers — Lauren M. Gomez, Terry McCaffrey, and Maria Isabel Arias.

Serna was elected in 2017 in a special election and was re-elected to a full four-year term in 2018. He has been endorsed by the Fontana Teachers Association and United Steelworkers 8599, 7600, 5632. Gomez, who is running for a board seat for the first time, is endorsed by Warren.

• In Governing Board Area 2 (which includes the northeastern area of the FUSD), incumbent Adam Perez is being opposed by challenger Shelley C-Bradford. Perez is endorsed by Warren.

• In Governing Board Area 5 (which includes the southern portion of the district), incumbent Mary B. Sandoval is being opposed by challenger Rayman Martinez. Sandoval has been endorsed by the Fontana Teachers Association, United Steelworkers 7600, and United Steelworkers 8599. Martinez, who is seeking a board seat for the first time, is endorsed by Warren.

The other two members of the board, Joe Armendarez and Jennifer Quezada, are not up for reelection until 2024.

Armendarez and Perez are supported by Warren, while the other three members are not.

—– THE COLTON Joint Unified School District boundaries include some schools in southeastern Fontana. The candidates in the Colton election are:

• Governing Board Area 1 — Israel Fuentes Jr. (incumbent) and Angel Martin

• Governing Board Area 3 — Joanne Thoring-Ojeda (incumbent) and Larissa Hawkins

—– THE ETIWANDA SCHOOL DISTRICT boundaries include some schools in northwestern Fontana. The candidates in the Etiwanda election are:

• Governing Board Area 3 — Janal Urzua-Barkley, Steven J. Camp, Zachary Scott Cadman, and Fermin Jaramillo.

• Governing Board Area 4 — Jordan Wright, Matthew Gordon, and Samuel Sager.

—– THE 2ND DISTRICT SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY SUPERVISOR race features Jesse Armendarez, a former member of the Fontana City Council, and Luis Cetina, a board member of the Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD), which includes part of Fontana. They have both spent large amounts of money on advertising, including negative mailers.

Armendarez is endorsed by Warren and also by the county’s first responder unions.

Cetina is endorsed by Fontana Councilmember Sandoval, and Cetina represents CVWD on the Fontana Union Water Company Board of Directors.

The district includes Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga.

—– IN ADDITION, TWO MEASURES involving San Bernardino County are on the ballot.

• MEASURE D would enable voters to decide on all tax increases in the county while also requiring a supermajority of county supervisors to propose a tax to voters. It also bans supervisors from raising their own salaries while in office.

Opponents of Measure D say the measure is misleading because its real intent is to negate Measure K, which was approved by the county’s voters in 2020. Measure K drastically limited supervisors’ salaries and restricted them to one four-year term in office. Measure K is currently tied up in the courts.

• MEASURE EE asks voters for their opinion on whether they want San Bernardino County’s elected officials to study and advocate for all options to obtain the county’s fair share of state funding, including secession from California. This is an advisory vote and does not mean the county will automatically adopt any specific plan of action.

—– CANDIDATES for Fontana’s city and school races were sent questionnaires by the Herald News. The candidates’ responses can be seen at

—– FOR MORE information about voting, visit the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters website at

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