Fontana Public Works Department has numerous projects scheduled in 2022 | News

The City of Fontana Public Works Department had a busy year in 2021, and this year the department will be providing many more services for local residents.

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and functional operations of the city’s existing parks and landscape, public buildings and community centers, streets, sidewalks, sewers, storm drains, solid waste and street sweeping.

—– ACCORDING to the city’s annual report, these traffic signal projects are scheduled to be completed in 2022:

• Valley Boulevard at Almond Avenue

• Valley Boulevard at Oleander Avenue

• West Liberty Parkway at Miller Avenue

• Citrus Avenue at Ceres Avenue

• Citrus Avenue at Chase Road

• Cherry Avenue at Live Oak Avenue

• Duncan Canyon Road at Coyote Canyon Road

• Citrus Avenue at Muirfield Lane

• Sierra Avenue at Northgate Market

• Sierra Avenue at Casa Grande Avenue

—– IN ADDITION, here are some of the major projects planned by the department:

• Micro-grid battery storage systems will be installed and completed in 2022 at the following locations: Police Department, City Hall/Development Services, Public Works Corporate Yard, Fontana Community Senior Center, and Community Services Department. These systems will provide for the use of stored energy at peak hours, ultimately reducing energy costs.

• A backup generator for Heritage Community Center will be installed, allowing the center to continue to operate as a cooling center in the event of a power outage.

• A centralized computer controlled management system will be installed, enabling the city to control and monitor the HVAC systems in 22 city facilities from one location. City staff can then make changes to settings and adjust run times, ultimately bringing down energy costs.

—– DURING 2021, these projects were completed in Fontana:

• 18 lane miles of pavement rehabilitation

• 1,186,360 linear feet of sewer mainline cleaned

• 250,000 square feet of graffiti removed

• 1,750 linear feet of curbs and gutters replaced

• 32,446.68 curb miles swept

• 822 traffic signs replaced

• 32,778 square feet of sidewalks replaced

• 63 ADA curb ramp retrofits

Street maintenance projects that were completed last year:

• Alder Avenue/San Bernardino Avenue to Arrow Boulevard

• Etiwanda Avenue/Slover Avenue to Philadelphia Avenue

• San Bernardino Avenue/Sierra Avenue to Alder Avenue

• Beech Ave/Baseline Avenue to S. Highland Avenue

• Carnation Street/Village Parkway to Mayflower Street

• Mayflower Street/Carnation Street to Geranium Street

• Geranium Street/Carnation Street to Poppy Court

• Violet Street/Village Parkway to Geranium Street

• Ceres Avenue/west of Citrus Avenue to Catawba Avenue

• Whittram Court/east of Citrus Avenue to the end of the cul-de-sac

• Dorsey Avenue/west of Citrus Avenue to the end of the cul-de-sac

• Orange Court/east of Citrus Avenue to the end of the cul-de-sac

Completed pavement rehabilitation projects:

• Reed Court/east of Citrus Avenue to the end of the cul-de-sac

• Fuchsia Court/Bluebell Lane to the end of the cul-de-sac.

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