Fontana Police Officer Brandon McCaulley honored for helping to save juvenile’s life | News

Police Officer Brandon McCaulley was named the Fontana Police Department’s Sworn Employee of the Month for January because of his efforts to help a male juvenile who was suffering a drug overdose.

On Jan. 26 at 8:21 p.m., McCaulley and his training officer Julio Landaverde were dispatched to a residence in Fontana after receiving a report that a juvenile was not breathing. The call for service indicated that the mother found her son on the couch and could not wake him despite yelling and shaking him.

The first officer was on scene within two minutes, followed by McCaulley and Landaverde. They saw that the juvenile was seated on the couch with his mouth open and eyes rolled back in his head. The juvenile was lowered to the floor, where he could be further assessed and treated if needed.

McCaulley immediately determined that the symptoms and behavior displayed by the juvenile were consistent with a fentanyl/opioid overdose, as demonstrated in recent Narcan training at the P.D.

McCaulley prepared the department-issued Narcan for use and deployed the first dose of Narcan. The juvenile remained unconscious and had extremely faint breathing and a rapid pulse.

After about 30 seconds with no reaction, McCaulley administered a second dose of Narcan. After about 60 seconds, the juvenile began to become responsive, and within two minutes he was fully alert.

The boy was transported by AMR to a local hospital, where he recovered without incident.

McCaulley’s quick action and immediate application of recent training may have saved the juvenile’s life, the Fontana P.D. said. McCaulley was honored at the Feb. 22 City Council meeting.

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