Fontana POA cooks lunch for Sonrise residents | News

The Fontana Police Officers Association recently cooked lunch for the residents of the Sonrise Senior Citizen Villas, located on Sierra Avenue in northern Fontana.

One of Fontana’s most respected business leaders is Draymond Crawford, who originally suggested that the POA consider cooking for the seniors.

According to Fontana POA President Jason Delair, this is the second year Fontana POA has cooked a lunch for the Sonrise residents.

“We believe it is important to be connected with the community because when we share a simple meal together, we talk, and when we talk, we learn about each other and we learn to trust one another,” Delair said.

The meal was prepared on the Fontana POA mobile barbecue, which was parked in front of the Sonrise Senior Residential Villas. The food was served inside the facility buffet style. All residents were invited to take part.

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