Fontana homeowner shoots, kills apparent burglar – San Bernardino Sun

A Fontana homeowner shot and killed a man who had apparently broken into his residence late Saturday, police said.

The homeowner heard noises in his home that alarmed him, prompting him to grab a gun and inspect the source of the disturbance. He then discovered a masked man inside and shot him, said Officer Daniel Romero, a Fontana Police Department spokesman.

“The homeowner was startled enough to where he armed himself, before he looked around his house,” Romero said. “He was lucky — this could have gone drastically different.”

The homeowner called police at 10:45 p.m., telling them he had just shot a burglar in his home. When officers arrived, they found the man dead with a handgun near him.

The shooting occurred in the 7300 block of Cypress Avenue, just across the street from Kathy Binks Elementary School.

Officers who went to the home checked the area, with detectives canvassing the neighborhood for porch security camera footage, but found no one else who may have been with the suspected intruder.

Police did not immediately identify the dead man. They said he was about 34 years old. The coroner’s office has not yet released the man’s name, pending notification of his next of kin.

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