Fontana City Council approves industrial and residential projects in northern area of city | News

The Fontana City Council on July 26 gave the green light to industrial and residential projects which will be developed in the northern area of the city.

Three of the projects were combined into one vote under General Plan amendments:

• Part 1 — Sierra Summit Industrial Project

Allard Engineering is constructing a 102,330 square foot industrial commerce building on a 4.49-acre site on the northeast corner of Sierra and Summit avenues.

During public comments, speaker Noah Garrison said he was troubled by the possibility of negative environmental impacts, but Deputy City Manager Phil Burum said he disagreed with that assessment.

• Part 2 — Citrus East Project

Lennar Homes will build 76 detached “motor court” residential units on the northeast corner of Summit and Sierra avenues.

Councilmembers Phillip Cothran and John Roberts said they would have preferred that block walls would have been used in between the units rather than vinyl fencing, but they still liked the overall proposal.

• Part 3 — Ventana at Duncan Canyon

HD04 LLC wanted a modification of the existing land use designation to support the proposed specific plan amendment for the 102-acre area located south of the Interstate 15 Freeway, west of Citrus Avenue, and north and south of Duncan Canyon Road.

The amendment established six planning areas with a total of 476,500 square feet of commercial uses and 1,671 residential dwelling units.

Public speaker Delshawn McClellon said he was concerned about the environmental impacts.

The three projects were approved by a vote of 4-1, with Jesus “Jesse” Sandoval dissenting. Sandoval said he could not support Part 1 because of traffic concerns or Part 2 because of the vinyl fencing, but he had no objections to Part 3.

—– ALSO during the meeting, the City Council voted 4-1 in favor of the Lennar West development on the northwestern corner of Summit and Citrus avenues. Lennar Homes sought to build 85 detached residential units in an approximate nine-acre area. Sandoval was opposed to the idea.

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