Fontana Animal Service Officers Sturgess and Sanchez are honored by city | News

Animal Service Officers Adam Sturgess and Carmen Sanchez were chosen to be the Non-Sworn Employees of the Month for April by the Fontana Police Department.

They were honored at a recent Fontana City Council meeting because of their ability to safely control and capture two very large and extremely aggressive dogs on April 4.

The officers were asked by the Rialto P.D. to assist because the dogs’ owners died in a traffic collision on April 2 and the surviving family members were unable to transport the dogs from the house to a shelter.

Using their expertise with animals, Sturgess and Sanchez performed the difficult task of controlling the dogs and loading them safely and securely into their truck.

The Rialto P.D. was very grateful for the Fontana officers’ ability to handle the dogs.

The officers showed that they are team players, hard workers, and went above and beyond in a difficult situation, the Fontana P.D. said.

“They both represented Fontana P.D. Animal Services Unit with integrity, humility and compassion, not only to the dogs who were acting aggressively toward them, but also to the family,” the P.D. said.

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