Firefighters overcome 50-mph wind to extinguish fast-moving fire in Fontana – San Bernardino Sun

Flames pushed by 50-mph winds tore through a storage yard in Fontana late Tuesday night, Nov. 15, destroying a family’s home.

No one was reported injured in the blaze, said Eric Sherwin, a spokesman for the San Bernardino County Fire Department.

The fire was controlled in two hours.

Calls began coming in just before midnight from motorists on the 10 Freeway who saw flames between Citrus and Cherry avenues. Because strong Santa Ana winds were forecast, dispatchers immediately sent more fire engines than usual, Sherwin said.

Firefighters arrived in the 15800 block of Boyle Avenue to find vehicles, pallets and boxes of unknown items ablaze. The wind quickly pushed the flames through the yard and into the attics of a house and a vacant business, destroying both buildings, Sherwin said.

The fire’s heat turned piles of plastic into “a big gelatinous blob,” Sherwin said.

Embers blew almost two blocks away.

But firefighters from the county, Rialto and Rancho Cucamonga prevented the flames from spreading to the west and to homes on the south side of Boyle, he said.

“It’s a challenge like no other,” Sherwin said. “When you have a wind like that pushing the fire, there’s almost no getting in front of it. A lot of times we have these fires on the front country of the mountains, we can work along the flanks and eventually pinch off the head of the fire. There’s no getting in front of a fire that has a 50 mph-wind behind it. The guys and gals that were out there last night did an amazing job saving the neighborhood.”

Investigators were trying to determine where the fire started and how, Sherwin said.

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