Few surprises in Inland legislative elections, early results show – San Bernardino Sun

Preliminary unofficial results in Tuesday’s election show current Inland members of the state Assembly and Senate leading in their bids for reelection, according to the California Secretary of State.

Election officials in Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties are continuing to count ballots and have until Dec. 9 to report final official results to the state.

Early results, however, showed few surprises.

California underwent redistricting in late 2021, changing the layout of many legislative districts. Several members of the Assembly and Senate saw their districts shift — some changes were negligible and others more significant.

See the latest election results.

Many of the of sitting members chose to run for reelection in their new districts and in some cases are being pitted against members of their own party, thanks to California’s top-two primary system. In other cases, new candidates have come forward to compete for seats and replace candidates who have been moved or are not running for reelection.

In most cases, current lawmakers are enjoying early leads by at least a 5% margin. But the race for the open 71st Assembly District, encompassing parts of San Diego and Riverside counties, is a close one with Temecula Mayor Matt Rahn holding a 278-vote advantage over fellow Republican Kate Sanchez, according to early results.

Here are the other key races for state Senate and Assembly throughout the Inland Empire, with districts covering Riverside and San Bernardino counties and touching San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange counties.


22nd District

Vincent Tsai (R) 44.7%

Incumbent Susan Rubio (D) 55.3%

32nd District

Kelly Seyarto (R) 59.2%

Brian Nash (D) 40.8%


34th District

Thurston “Smitty” Smith (R) 42.5%

Tom Lackey (R) 57.5%

36th District

Ian M. Weeks (R) 43.6%

Eduardo Garcia (D) 56.4%

39th District

Paul Andre Marsh (R) 45.4%

Juan Carrillo (D) 54.6%

45th District

James C. Ramos (D) 59.5%

Joseph “Joe” W. Martinez (R) 40.5%

47th District

Greg Wallis (R) 45.5%

Christy Holstege (D) 54.5%

50th District

Sheela Stark (R) 44.7%

Eloise Gómez Reyes (D) 55.3%

53rd District

Freddie Rodriguez (D) 57.8%

Toni Holle  (R) 42.2%

58th District

Bernard William Murphy (R) 43.5%

Sabrina Cervantes (D) 56.5%

60th District

Hector Diaz-Nava (R) 42.6%

Corey Jackson (D) 57.4%

63rd District

Fauzia Rizvi (D) 46.5%

Bill Essayli (R) 53.5%

71st District

Matt Rahn (R) 50.2%

Kate Sanchez (R) 49.8%

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