Excessive heat warnings issued for inland OC and Riverside, San Bernardino counties – San Bernardino Sun

Heat warnings have been issued once again as a new, but shorter-lived, heat wave is expected to hit Southern California starting Monday, Sept. 26, forecasters said.

An excessive heat warning was issued for the Inland Empire and inland Orange County from 10 a.m. Monday through 8 p.m. Wednesday.

High temperatures across the Inland Empire are expected to range from 97-105 degrees those three days, before a slight cool down Thursday through Saturday, when temperatures will be in the mid to lower-90s, National Weather Service meteorologist Elizabeth Schenk said.

Inland Orange County will also see highs of 95-100 degrees at the beginning of the week, before a similar cool-off period Thursday into the weekend with temperatures in the upper to lower-80s.

Monday and Tuesday are expected to be the hottest days for the Los Angeles region, with some areas in the valley expected to hit 100-105.

Coastal Orange County was issued a heat advisory, a step down from an excessive heat warning, where maximum temperatures are expected to range from 85-92 degrees during the first half of the week, Schenk said.

Temperatures forecast for coastal Orange County are about 10-15 degrees above the seasonal normal, and in some places could reach 20 degrees above it.

In Los Angeles County, coastal areas will also see a spike above normal seasonal temperatures, but the highs will still be lower than inland.

The High Desert, which includes areas like Apple Valley, Hesperia and Victorville, was not issued any warning or advisory as of Sunday, but highs are expected to reach mid to upper-90s.

San Bernardino County and Riverside County mountains will also have slightly above seasonal normal temperatures, 5-7 degrees, according to forecaster estimates.

Normal fall weather for this time of year is expected starting on Sunday, Oct. 2, Schenk said.

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