ELECTION: City Clerk Germaine Key and Treasurer Janet Koehler-Brooks are vote leaders | News

The incumbents in the races for the city clerk and city treasurer positions in Fontana are by far the leading vote getters in the election, according to early, preliminary results released by the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters on Nov. 8.

Germaine Key, who was appointed to the position of city clerk earlier this year, had 4,870 mail ballot votes (52.84 percent of the total in the four-way race). Opposing her were challengers Elizabeth “Liz” Sena (who had 1,653 votes), Alexandra C. Rivera (who had 1,069 votes), and Alyssa Flores (who had 1,624 votes).

Key is seeking her first four-year term. She is a retired division chief with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

In a response to a questionnaire in the Herald News, Key said her top priorities are to build public trust and maintain open communication in the City Clerk Department, to ensure professional performance by deputy clerks, and quick responses to public requests for information and documents.

—– MEANWHILE, Janet Koehler-Brooks is ahead in the race for city treasurer with 6,658 votes (71.34 percent of the total). Challenger Gabriel Sanchez has 2,675 votes (28.66 percent).

Koehler, a retired teacher and counselor in Fontana, has served as city treasurer for the past 19 years.

“Under my leadership, the City of Fontana’s financial status is strong and I will continue to work to maintain balanced budgets and ensure prudent reserve funds,” Koehler-Brooks told the Herald News.

Both Key and Koehler-Brooks are aligned with Mayor Acquanetta Warren and are supported by the Fontana Police Officers Association as well as other groups.

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