Did band member’s slaying in San Bernardino trigger Nevada motorcycle gang shooting? – San Bernardino Sun

Authorities are investigating whether the Hells Angels motorcycle gang members who are accused of shooting rival Vagos on a Nevada freeway over Memorial Day weekend did so in retaliation for the slaying of a band member at a San Bernardino bar in April.

Danielle Pieper Chio, a chief deputy district attorney in Clark County, Nevada, said in an interview Friday, June 3, that “there could possibly be” a connection. She added that after the arraignment Thursday for three suspected Hells Angels, a detective said outside court that the band member, James Vincent Dickson, 32, was a Hells Angel.

But a fellow member of the Crawling Through Tartarus, which was performing at the Marquis Lounge in San Bernardino on April 23 when shots were fired, pushed back.

Kevin Corbell said Friday that Dickson was not a member of the Hells Angels.

“We were bystanders in a violent crime, only there to play a show with our band with no ties to anyone,” Corbell said.

The band’s vocalist, Matt Holzboog, said in a GoFundMe appeal that he also was shot, suffering two broken bones in one leg. Two others also reported being shot. No arrests have been announced.

Pieper Chio declined to say why prosecutors believe the Nevada shooting could be linked to Dickson’s death, citing the ongoing investigation. Sgt. Equino Thomas, a San Bernardino Police Department spokesman, declined to comment for the same reason.

Several Hells Angels members rode up to Vagos members on U.S. Highway 95 in Henderson on May 29, and shots were fired, according to The Associated Press. Six Vagos were injured, and a person who said he was a Hells Angels member showed up at a hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound from that shooting.

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