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Cucamonga’s then-crumbling Virginia Dare Winery was the site of many TV location shoots in the 1960s and ’70s, among them “Combat!,” “The Invaders,” “The Magician” and “Rat Patrol.” The ruins of the abandoned winery made for an atmospheric setting for those shows, about which I’ve written before.

Not long ago, reader Lance Buckhammer sent me a YouTube link to an episode of “Cannon,” a series (1971-76) that followed a rotund ex-LAPD cop turned private eye. (One whose up-to-date Lincoln Continental had a car phone.)

While on a manhunt by air in “To Ride a Tiger,” the Feb. 14, 1973 episode, William Conrad as Frank Cannon is flown by helicopter over the winery.

“What’s that place?” Cannon asks. The pilot replies: “Used to be a winery. It’s been abandoned for years.”

They land, and the last minutes involve a shootout inside the winery. These scenes also serve to document the winery’s state at the time. Also, the graffiti on its walls, with names like “M.R.,” “J.R. 72” and “Julie H.” Ah, where are they now?

That “Cannon” dialogue above, by the way, isn’t so different from a 1964 episode of “Combat!,” a World War II series, as two U.S. soldiers in Italy survey the Virginia Dare property.

The private asks: “What is this place, sarge?” The sergeant replies: “According to the map, it’s an old winery.”

It was.

Mo MoVal

There was so much contention at the Nov. 1 Moreno Valley City Council meeting, I had to cut a couple of lighter bits from my report to squeeze in all the squabbling. For starters, a 4,000-square-foot addition to the senior center was approved at a construction cost of up to $4.4 million.

Two seniors who urged the council to proceed held up a somewhat-distant city’s senior center as the gold standard.

“If you Google ‘Fontana Senior Center,’ you’ll see what a senior center is supposed to look like,” Bob Palomarez said. He got applause.

A few minutes later, Sharon Catlen asked council members: “How hard and how fast are you going to work to make our senior center better than Fontana’s?”

I like the idea that there’s a friendly rivalry among cities for best senior center. Will they up their game by vying to host the best lunch? Like, not merely green beans, but heirloom green beans.

Bringing up another age-related topic, one senior at the meeting prefaced his remarks with a medical update.

“By the way, I had my colonoscopy today,” the man told council members and the audience watching at home. “I’m just here to encourage people to get them…The only thing about it is drinking that liquid, right?”

The perils of drinking that liquid is something we can all agree on — even in fightin’ Moreno Valley.

Not so brief

Items for my occasional “brIEfly” section have stacked up, in part because I cut them if the column runs long or if the transition to a frivolous item strikes me as too jarring. So let me clear the decks by running three all at once, separated by bullet points.

• The 1,000-piece community jigsaw puzzle at the Pomona Public Library, the one about which I became mildly obsessed, was completed by patrons Nov. 2. And I do mean completed: The missing edge piece was found. Where? “Under the table, just as you suspected,” reports the library services manager. Rarely has haphazard vacuuming had a better outcome.

• Perris’ Ethanac Road is named for landowner Ethan Allan Chase and is meant to be pronounced ETHAN-ak. Somebody tell Google’s oral driving directions, which say it as two syllables and with a different pronunciation. Let me put it this way: If a Perris school taught a class devoted to the road, it might be called Ethenac Studies.

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