Country music duo LoCash will bring a ‘Beach Boys’ vibe to the Old Town Music Festival in Temecula – San Bernardino Sun

While still riding high from their Mane Stage debut at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio last month, Preston Brust and Chris Lucas of LoCash said they’re ready to get rowdy again with Southern California country music fans.

They’ll be performing as part of the second annual Old Town Music Festival at Temecula Stampede June 11-12. The two-day fest will feature sets by Nelly, Colt Ford, Tyler Rich and more on June 11 and Jamey Johnson, LoCash, Uncle Kracker and others on June 12.

It will be difficult to top their Stagecoach set, which included an appearance by The Beach Boys’ Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and members of their touring band to perform LoCash’s latest single, “Beach Boys.” The surprise four-song run also included The Beach Boys’ “Kokomo,” “Fun, Fun, Fun,” and LoCash’s breakout hit, “I Love This Life.” Brust says they’re still energized by that moment and continue to put that energy into their live shows.

Brust and Lucas grew up loving the music of the Beach Boys. During the darker days of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns, they wanted to put something sunnier out into the universe and began playing around with samples of “I Get Around” in the recording studio.

“Their harmonies are absolutely amazing and the positivity that the Beach Boys bring, that’s what LoCash is about,” Lucas said during a recent phone interview. “Even with our slow songs, we’re still positive. We’ll make you smile no matter what and all the Beach Boys’ songs do that too. When a Beach Boys song comes on, you just don’t turn that off.”

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They wrote “Beach Boys,” but couldn’t release it without permission from group since it leaned so heavily into its signature sound. So, they sent it over to their team and waited.

Finally, they got word back from Brian Wilson & Co.

“They loved it,” Lucas said. They loved it so much, Love and Johnston lent their vocals to the single, which is now a hit on country radio. It was already a dream come true to record the song with a couple of their heroes, but the guys said it was a bit of an out-of-body experience to actually perform with them live.

“I mean, we knew that everyone was gonna love it,” Brust said of the collaboration at Stagecoach. “It’s the Beach Boys, so that was a given, but to turn around and watch them actually walk out on stage was surreal for us. It felt like the crowd levitated for four songs and hearing everybody get taken back by ‘Kokomo’ and ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ and singing our song together as well. It was one of those moment that you earmark. This is gonna be one of those moments that when we’re old men someday, we’ll look back on this and say ‘That really happened and it was awesome.”

Near the end of our phone chat, Brust said he had a surprise and handed the phone to someone else.

It was Bruce Johnston.

He’s been busy touring with the Beach Boys to celebrate the band’s 60th anniversary, but he made some time to hang out with Burst that afternoon. He joked that LoCash’s checks had cleared, so he’d be able to speak to me, but sincerely noted that the guys were “the real deal.” He added that he was excited when he was asked to record the song and join LoCash at Stagecoach.

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