Congressman Pete Aguilar celebrates election victory, but is concerned about the future | News

Congressman Pete Aguilar had a big reason to be happy — and also a reason to be concerned — following the Nov. 8 election.

The Democrat was elected to a fifth term in California’s newly drawn 33rd District, receiving 34,389 votes (56.77 percent of the total) in the preliminary unofficial results announced by the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters on Nov. 9.

His Republican opponent, John Mark Porter, had 26,192 votes (43.23 percent).

“I am grateful to the people of the Inland Empire for sending me back to Congress to continue to fight for lower costs, better health care and good-paying jobs,” Aguilar said in a statement. “I am so proud to represent the community my family has called home for four generations, and I will continue to work tirelessly to secure federal resources that raise the quality of life for all our residents, while defending Democracy at home and abroad.”

Aguilar, whose district has included part of Fontana as well as other cities, said he is proud of what Democrats have accomplished while controlling the House of Representatives, the Senate, and presidency since 2020.

“Over the last two years, Democrats in Congress passed landmark legislation lowering the cost of prescription drugs, strengthening American manufacturing, investing in clean energy to lower our dependence on fossil fuels, and putting people to work fixing America’s roads and bridges. We cannot allow this progress to be undone,” he said.

However, it is very likely that Republicans will take control of the House once all the races across the country have been decided in the upcoming weeks. As a result, Democrats would be in the minority, making it more difficult for Aguilar to deliver more of his priorities for the Inland Empire.

“As we wait for all the votes to be counted, I am deeply concerned about Republican plans to make inflation worse by cutting Social Security and Medicare and to help China by passing tax breaks for wealthy corporations that ship jobs overseas,” Aguilar said. “Democrats in Congress must fight back to give working families more breathing room and be prepared to stand up to Republican-led efforts to make it easier for oil companies to gouge consumers at the pump.”

Aguilar currently serves as vice chair of the House Democratic Caucus and is the highest-ranking Latino in Congress.

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