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Hip-hop music will get the symphonic treatment when a Pasadena-based composer joins forces with a Grammy-winning rapper this weekend.

Composer, conductor and sax player Geoff Gallegos, along with his 50-piece Stardust Symphony orchestra, will be backing Common when the rapper comes to Burbank’s Starlight Bowl on July 9.

“We’re bringing you something that will feel like hip-hop through these orchestral instruments,” said 52-year-old Gallegos, who’s known as Double G and no stranger to mixing large symphonic ensembles with hip-hop. “I’m a Common fan, too. I love his music. I think he’s a brilliant MC, so working with a musician of that level is an honor,” he said.

Pasadena-based conductor and composer Geoff Gallegos and his 50-piece Stardust Symphony will perform with Grammy-winning rapper Common at the Starlight Bowl in Burbank July 9. (Photo by Brian Feinzimer/Capture Imaging)

Common comes to Burbank to support his recently released album “A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 2,” and when he performs at the 3,800-person capacity venue, his music will be punctuated with a string section and wind instruments conducted by Gallegos.

“It’ll look and feel like something you would see at a Hollywood Bowl classical concert or Walt Disney Concert Hall,” Gallegos said.

The rapper, who released his debut album in 1992, has performed with other symphonies around the country. In recent years, he’s performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Symphony.

Gallegos, who earned a jazz composition degree from Berklee College of Music, became an early proponent of blending the genres in 1999 when he co-founded the daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra to perform orchestral music with MCs.

“My whole jam was trying to do a large funky orchestra,” he said, adding he’s looking forward to the July 9 show. “His flow is so good. He’s one of those MCs who can flow over anything,” Gallegos said.

Opening the night is singer Nikka Costa and funk collective Lettuce.

If You Go:

When: 5 p.m. July 9

Where: Starlight Bowl, 249 Lockheed Drive, Burbank.

Tickets: $85-$200



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