Comedian Ginny Hogan explores dating life in ‘I’m More Dateable Than a Plate of Refried Beans’ – San Bernardino Sun

Comedian Ginny Hogan has joined, then deleted, and then rejoined just about every dating app.

While working in the tech world in her early 20s, Hogan said she would run data analytics on these apps and actually got into comedy while conducting tests on them.

That led to publishing her comic study, “How I Used Tinder Smart Photos to Prove Once and for All That I’m More Attractive than a Plate of Cold Refried Beans,” which originally appeared on in 2017. In the piece, she made five different Tinder accounts to test whether she’d be more appealing than a cold plate of refried beans. She was delighted to learn she was.

Now, Hogan has combined her love of data and humor for her newly published book, “I’m More Dateable than a Plate of Refried Beans: And Other Romantic Observations.” It’s a collection of short stories about modern romance interspersed with quizzes and speculation about how famous rom-com characters might fare on dating apps.

“A lot of people are saying that it hits very close to home, which, you know, is good and bad,” Hogan said during a recent phone interview about the book. “I wanted to write something that was relatable, but not trigger anybody. I think it’s a fun read and it’s short enough to be summery and people have been really enjoying it.”

When Hogan initially pitched the idea for the book, she says she was single but was in a relationship while writing it early on in the pandemic. That romance fizzled by the time she handed in her final copy. Writing from the different perspectives of being single and being in a relationship, Hogan said she pulled from her real-life experiences, such as when exploring topics like people who are on dating apps but not really single.

“I wrote that part [‘Creatively Justifying Not Mentioning Your Partner When Sandra Calls You Out’] in, like, a fit of anger,” she said with a laugh. “I’d been talking to this guy for months and he didn’t mention he had a girlfriend. When I called him out on it, he got so defensive and said, ‘I didn’t know you wanted to know.’ He was so crazy. He couldn’t even just apologize.”

She also touches on TV shows to watch while in different phases of relationships.

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