Chick-fil-A, Dutch Bros. Coffee planned for new University Crossings in San Bernardino – San Bernardino Sun

Chick-fil-A, Dutch Bros. Coffee and Panera Bread are the planned tenants for a new fast food hub off the 215 Freeway at University Parkway in northern San Bernardino.

But first, the Planning Commission wants to see changes to the layout of the proposed University Crossings.

Concerns were raised Tuesday, Jan. 10, over the traffic such a project would add to an already busy corridor. Commissioners also asked El Segundo developer PCG South Shores to reduce the excess number of parking spaces inside the 6.5-acre center and add a space where patrons and community members can gather.

An updated proposal is expected to return to the Planning Commission for approval next month.

Pitched for 4200 N. University Pkwy, about 5 miles from Cal State San Bernardino, the University Crossings project would bring San Bernardino its first Chick-fil-A and second Dutch Bros. Coffee. In addition to Panera Bread, a Mister Car Wash is planned for the plaza.

Aside from their concerns about traffic congestion and landscaping, certain commissioners questioned the demand for a car wash amid a statewide drought in an area already served by a handful of car washes.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Commissioner Dolores Armstead said.

Public car washes, staffers offered, recycle a majority of their water, making them more efficient than people washing their vehicles at home.

Armstead also expressed frustration over building more fast-food establishments in lieu of sit-down restaurants.

“This entry is one of the major entries into the city of San Bernardino,” she said, “and the best we can provide travelers, the best we can provide the college, the hundreds of homes going up, Little League, all the development on University, the best we can offer is more fast food?

“We can’t get a restaurant?” she added. “We deserve better.”

The whole project needs a “total reimagination,” said Commissioner Jesus Flores, who represents the area.

“I’m disappointed in this project,” Flores continued, adding he would have preferred to see a mixed-use development built there instead. “I would encourage my fellow commissioners to push hard on such a key location that could really encourage a different lifestyle in the University District, especially with so many youth.”

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