Caltrans And Fontana Works Together For Increasing The Safety At Beech Avenue

As per Mayor Acquanetta Warren, the city of Fontana, and Caltrans works together to devise plans for increasing the safety at Beech Avenue/Route 210 Freeway offramps.

The region had become a hotspot for collision in the past few months, related to which a message was posted on Facebook by the Mayor.

On the 25th of May, another incident of the collision was reported from the region. In this incident two cars collided, in which the driver was exiting the freeway at a high speed overlooking the stop sign. Also as per reports of the Fontana Police department, it was suspected that the said driver drunk.

“We are making progress on the City’s application for a Caltrans Encroachment Permit to place all-way stop signs at Beech and the 210 HOV off-ramps,” said Warner. He also said that Caltrans had the responsibility of the off-ramps, whereas Beech Avenue comes under the jurisdiction of Fontana P.D.

“PD will also be installing the speed trailers out there,” Warred further said.

Also, there are set up of “proceed with caution” signs which will be placed to remind the motorists to be careful which approaching the 210 on Beech.

Warren received some positive responses from the public on her Facebook post in which he was appreciated her quick steps. One of the users named Debi Altfillisch McGregor replied, “Thank you Mayor for responding so quickly to this. We live close to these on/off ramps and use them and Beech daily in both directions. It’s so scary to drive past there and be worried about getting hit or worse.”

Whereas Monica Guerrero commented, “Think flashing red lights as you are exiting 210 HOV lanes would serve the community better. Stop signs would definitely cause unnecessary traffic and impede those living in the community.”

While Michael Viselli commented, “Unfortunately, all the incidents have been the cause of recklessness and disregard for the law. I don’t think the stop signs will help.”

There were two more cases of collision which were reported on May 13, and January 20, in which many were injured.

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